My work used the same stock photo!!


DJ D-Bag spins non-stop Dubstep and takes no requests!

My work used the same stock photo!!


DJ D-Bag spins non-stop Dubstep and takes no requests!


My hatred of advertising is multi-tiered, you see. If it is not the insulting nature of advertising; the way in which it speaks to us like we are children- nor the way in which it’s nature makes you question your own decisions in life- I implore you to consider its ubiquity. The way in which advertising permeates our lives, never letting up for a second. It forces its way into your vision so that you are not even safe in your own home. It appears on your products, which you have already paid for (buying one product often comes with advertisements for other products), it appears on your television in multiple forms, through commercials, product placements, and even interrupting your program. But consider that even if you avoid all these things the advertisements force their way through your door! It hangs on your door-knob when you get home, appears through your mail-slot hidden amongst other mail that is demanding your money, and even hides inside your mail (TD advertises inside your bills!)
I hate it for its boldness, and I hate that I can not escape it.  

Thoughts on Rob Ford versus the CBC

If you haven’t heard, the story goes as follows: In doing a bit for This Hour Has 22 minutes a comedian, dressed like an idiot, approached Rob Ford at his home in the early morning hours to conduct an impromptu interview. She acted very inappropriately towards the Mayor and his personal space prompting him to leave the area and run into the house to call 911. He is receiving some criticisms for this for many reasons, and so is the CBC. 

According to his poorly written and contradictory release found he felt threatened and called emergency response and “may or may not have used the F word) What he is ignoring is the allegations that he called the dispatchers “bitches” and said “I am Rob FUCKING Ford!”

I take issue with that for two reasons: First being that it doesn’t matter who you are, emergency response will be on its way in a timely manner befitting your emergency. Just because you are Rob FUCKING Ford does not mean the camera crew in your drive way who has already fled puts you in front of the other emergencies. If you think your Mayor-hood makes you more important you should think about that next time you move to privatize a municipal service. Maybe it would. 

Second: Did you say bitches? I hope not, and the tape should be released so that we can know for sure. This is a dehumanizing word, and is offensive on the same level as racist terms. It is inexcusable! 

Everyone here knows that I am not a Rob Ford fan, but in my opinion the crew from This Hour has 22 Minutes behaved in an inappropriate way, but Ford’s inappropriate words to the dispatcher must be reviewed, as they were just as inappropriate. 

Conclusion: This Hour…comedy isn’t funny when it’s mean. 

Rob Ford: Stop being such an asshole. And a privatized service couldn’t care less if you’re the mayor. You gave away your power. Keep that in mind for your next proposal. 

Letter to local MP and Mayor

This is my short letter to my local MP and Mayor regarding the Lingerie Football team being paid from tax dollars. Feel free to copy, tweak, and send. I’m sure that not all of you agree with the whole thing, but our tax dollars should not be wasted on events that we clearly show no interest in. 

Dear Government representatives.
    It has come to my attention that the most controversial Lingerie Football League was welcomed to Hamilton recently. Is spite of the amount of gender issues this brings up I am most offended at the possibility of the $90,000 guarantee that was promised will not be fulfilled and will instead come from the pockets of tax payers, who support HECFI.
    As a tax paying citizen this appalls me. I would hope that HECFI, who appears to want to represent the wants of the citizens, realized that this type of event would not appeal to the citizens of Hamilton. Having suffered job loss and the loss of many industries the citizens do not wish to spend their precious money on the likes of this event. And now, since only a few tickets have been sold, the guarantee is to come from a tax fund?
    This is not my event, and if I or any of my fellow citizens had been consulted we would have never agreed to allow our money to go to this event even indirectly. I urge you to push for greater transparency in the process of HECFI to avoid this travesty and waste of money in the future. I am aware that guarantees are contractual and not paying is not an option (and would do more harm than good) but let’s learn from this mistake in the future, shall we?

Concerned citizen 

Holy hell

Holy hell

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Why I think Macho Man is Jesus

Seriously, this is a thing I have been thinking about since yesterday. All this talk of Jesus returning today (May 21) and Ralph Poffo’s death being a mere 24 hours apart can not be a coincidence. Lets look at some of the facts:

  1. Macho Man dies, Jesus returns, all within a day. No coincidence. While Jesus originally took 3 days to return it would be a safe assumption that his first time would take longer. But now he’s practiced and can shave days off his trial run.
  2. The physical appearance is a pretty uncanny. While it is most likely that Jesus was a black man it is not unreasonable to imagine his next earthly avatar to be white, or at least heavily tanned, in order to experience all facets of being human. Beard, long hair, heavenly voice, giant arms that can’t be pinned to any cross.
  3. His battles were epic. The Warrior, quite possibly a pagan reincarnation of the God of War, vs Macho Man could be seen as a spiritual battle between chaos and order. It is a well known fact that Randy was very meticulate about his battles while Warrior was explosive and random. And also, as far as the wrestling business goes Hogan is the devil. And Macho hated that guy.
  4. His finisher was a flying elbow. What better way to punish sin than to bring it from the heavens with a crushing blow!
  5. Remember his stint as “Macho King?” Well there can only be one true King. I think you see where this is going.
  6. Lots of charity events from Randy. Like Jesus, he used his name and face to bring hope and care to many unheard voices. I know I certainly looked up to him as a kid.
  7. He was a celebrity. It is not unwise to assume that in this day of second guessing, post-enlightenment secularism, and demand for evidence that Jesus would need to be a celebrity to get noticed. Working under a pseudonym like Macho Man would save Him from fundamentalists who would seek to take down the new saviour, but his real followers would know who He was at first glimpse. The frills, the color, all a subtle hint to his true identity.

So tonight, at 6pm, when the second coming is to happen, look to the skies for a flying elbow. When you’re on your back staring at the lights (a wrestling phrase but can totally be applied to this situation) and you hear the seraphim sing your 3 count know that thou has been chosen to accompany the great Macho Jesus in his Kingdom. The cream of the crop!

“On balance, off balance. It doesn’t matter ‘cause I’m better than you”- Macho King. 

Macho King!!

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“Freshens your air using “100% Scented Oils.” WTH does that even mean?”


My post on Slutwalk

I am here in support of Slutwalk because sexual assault and backwards logic of sexuality personally disgusts me. And the one thing that bugs me the most is the prevalent notion that if women simply dressed more conservatively and avoided “dangerous” situations assault wouldn’t happen. That is just insulting to me and anybody who has been through an assault of any kind.

            The implication that a woman who is dressed a certain kind of way asks for assault of any kind insults women, survivors, and men alike. What you are implying is that clothes make it excusable to harass or insult, or assault, anybody. Let me put a scenario out there: You are in the mall with a person in your life. Your sister, your mother, your wife, your girl/boy friend, anybody you care about. The two of you run into someone who appears to know your company but you realize (s)he is acting kind of sheepish or withdrawn. You later ask him/her why they were acting so weird. They inform you that a few years ago that person assaulted him/her. You stare into your partners eyes concerned and say “Well what were you wearing to make him do that?” That makes you an asshole, doesn’t it? You would never do that, would you? Then what makes it okay for you to say it the other way around? That if they dressed “properly” they could avoid it in the first place? It’s not okay. It’s just plain inconsiderate. The onus of violence is on the people committing it, and blaming the victim is never the way to confront the crime or the culture that has lead to it.

            The truth about assault is it is never okay, and clothes or past sexuality are never an excuse or reason to ignore the severity of it. A shirt does not invite rape, and promiscuity does not allow it either. If someone slept with 100 people it is still up to them who is 101.  

            And guys, do you know how insulting that logic is to our gender? Are we dogs who can’t control our baser instincts? If we see a girl in a short skirt is our first instinct to steal some sex from her? No, I don’t think so. There are a few guys who feel this way, but only because they have been raised to see women as not in control of their sexuality. This is something we could change, and teaching men to not rape is way easier than allowing it, but teaching women to protect themselves from rape. If you choose to accept the dog metaphor, we can be trained out of bad behavior. Masculinity has somehow morphed into being measured by the amount of women you can sleep with, and does not care how. But to be honest a better test should be how many women want to sleep with you, not the other way around.

            This thinking permeates all of our lives, and it affects us all in a negative way. Its on our TV, in our news, on our shirts and on our minds. Only when we are able to find the language to communicate how we feel can we past the stupid locker room talk, the bro-mentality, and the excuses for bad behaviour and into a recognition that we are not animals, we are human beings in control of our own actions.

            People are not inherently evil. Equality is something we fundamentally support, but the key is to unlearn the sexism and patriarchy that has evolved into what we have today. There is no light switch that will turn off sexism, it is a long experience and a constant journey of unlearning. SlutWalk’s purpose is to open the dialogue of sexuality and whether or not we are in control of our own bodies. The purpose is to shed light on the rape culture we swim through every day. The purpose is about justice, equality, and love. And every time you can’t see past the word to the faces and stories of the women and men bearing it you remind us just why we need to do this.  

Electoral reform please!!

Electoral reform explained by kittehs!!